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Boz is a software development company founded to cover the needs of companies in the IT area.
Our priority is to provide the peace of mind that our clients deserve by developing computer systems that will accompany them in their future evolution and growth of their business in the coming years; knowing that your system works stably while maintaining the operation.

This is what we do
Software Development

We are experts in the development of specific software and sysytems aimed to creating a meaningful digital experience for a unique business.

Mobile Applications

We transform digitally and potentially the impact of your company, enriching interactions with your costumers through the development of mobile applications for your company.

WEB Development

We know how to build a website from the bottom up. Our developers can create custom code to suit the unique needs of your business.

Database Administration

We can design, implement and maintain a database system to ensure it is secure and always available when needed.

Quality Assurance

At BOZ we always ensure a high level of quality in production and all aspects of a service or process to detect and correct variations that fall from customer requirements.

UI Design

We always care about the look and feel and the graphic development of the prototyping, interactivity, animation and adaptation of the product in all the different screen sizes. We are experts in User Interface design.

User Research

BOZ focuses on optimizing products that appeal to users based on their needs and the impact of design on the audience.

WEB Design

We can design professional and responsive websites that give your business online presence and success.


Give your business a significant advantage in competitive markets. Your brand is who you are and people perceive that you are.

Business Consultancy

We are problem solvers. We provide our clients an intuitive guide to support their business and help them reform their operations.


solution expertise

We can deliver high quality digital solutions to our clients in the money transfers business.

Since 2011 we hand craft, manage and control all the software they need in the daily basis to grow their company stronger and with the world class quality their clients deserve.

Our main clients are positioned within the 5 most successful companies in money transfers between the United States and Mexico. Our work speaks for itself.

Our drive:

your success

Currently BOZ is an indispensable partner for emerging entrepreneurs who need to give their business the presence, professionalism and digital impact they require to grow and expand to other markets. We will aim all our resources to boost your e-commerce or trade business.

You imagine it,

we do it

Whereas it is a commercial app for your business, a delivery app for your commerce, a learning tool for young people or a specialized software that provides you metrics and stadistics for your company, we can provide you all the necessary tools that your business demands not only to be competitive, but to be at the top. At Boz we are convinced that we are among the best systems development companies in the United States and Mexico.


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Our Development Resources

Android Technology

The Android technology brings new business opportunities, in Boz we are prepared to offer a completely new approach based on Android

Developments focused on dynamic and competitive tailored results. Taking the quality and stability of enterprise applications to mobile devices.



iOS is the operating system of Apple focused on its tactile mobile devices.

In Boz we have a highly trained staff to develop applications that provide a rich customer experience. Confide in us, we are the best choice for you.


Microsoft .NET

We are experts in technologies provided by the .NET platform offering custom applications with a high added value to the company technologies.

We perform an analysis of the problem and propose desktop solutions, web applications, web services with high quality standards.


Microsoft SQL Server

Currently one of the critical factors in organizations is the control, management and data extraction.

Therefore it is necessary to have trained staff to satisfy the needs of the organizations.

In Boz we are able to attend this demand with certified personnel.



As a software development company is our duty and commitment to stay ahead, so we have specialized in HTML 5, giving us the opportunity to provide a more friendly experience and allowing the emergence of a new scenery in web applications.



Any modern application either mobile or web requires Javascript.

Javascript is becoming a common factor in developing complex interactive web applications.

Let our team creates the application that hooks up to your customers.

Agile Methodology

We have a disciplined project management process that encourages a strong leadership in the IT field.

Through Agile Methodology BOZ promotes frequent inspection and adaptation, a leadership philosophy that encourages teamwork, self-organization and accountability.



The Angular platform empowers our developers to build applications that live on the web, mobile, or the desktop combining end to end tooling, templates and best practices to solve development challenges.



BOZ builds responsive, mobile-first projects on the web with the world's most popular front-end component library that makes faster and easier our web development.


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